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33. Desiree   (10.02.2001 22:33) E-mail
You are a wonderful gymnast and I think you will do great in the future. Looking forward to seeing medal after medal on you. =) I'm currently working on a site for you and hope it will be up soon.

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32. Col   (10.02.2001 17:29) E-mail
Anna, you are the best. I hope you become world champion at least once!
Go for it!

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31. Henrietta   (15.01.2001 12:17) E-mail
Dearest Anna: Best wishes from a former gymnast. I know that you will succeed in all your endeavors. Good Luck!

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30. Ron   (13.01.2001 21:07)
I was about to slink away without signing, but that wouldn't have been cool. Good luck Anna, hope you stick around for a while.

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29. Pam   (13.01.2001 21:04) E-mail
I can't wait to see you at the Plano Classic this year in 2001!!

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28. Boris Badenov   (14.12.2000 11:15) E-mail
Whats next on the competition schedule for Anna? GOOD LUCK! We in Amerika all wish you the best in your upcoming endeavors. You are destined for gymnastic stardom. Keep it up.

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27. AMERIKA FAN   (05.12.2000 22:47)
Dear Anna the angel how are you? yOU will be the next henni Onodi of gymnastics You beautiful creature you.

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26. Magda   (25.11.2000 22:15) E-mail
Hey Anna!
I didn't understand anything on this website but I think you are a great gymnast! Hope to see you in Athens, Greece Olympic Games!


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25.   (25.11.2000 18:34)
Best wishes to a little Russian champion from Amerika

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24. Kelly Alliger   (22.11.2000 20:37) E-mail
Very nice site! I didn't understand most of the Russian but I enjoyed looking at the photos! Good luck!

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23. fanna   (22.11.2000 16:17)
sweetest anna how are you best wishes from amerika and have a happy thanksgiving

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22. Daniel   (17.11.2000 15:07) E-mail
Hi Anna,

What a great site this looks. I just wish that I could read Russian. It is
good to look at the pictures anyway! You are a great gymnast. I wish you
lots of luck for the future.

Bye, Daniel. (from Australia)

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21. Julie Piekarski   (11.11.2000 06:20)
Best wishes on your magnificent triumph in Belgium continued success in the future LUV from AMERIKA

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20. LOKI   (11.11.2000 04:32)

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19. cheryl rusa   (09.11.2000 19:19)
congratulations ANNA on your win in Belgium keep up the good work and more blessings will be bestowed upon you LUV ODIN

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