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48. Ma. de los Angeles   (07.07.2001 11:06) E-mail
Hi! Anna.
English isn't my lenguage but I think so you will understand english better than spanish.I live in Mexico.
I just want to say: "congratulations" to you. I hope see you in Athenas 2004. Be carefull and care yourself.
p.d. If you Answear me please, їCould you write in english please? because I don't know russian..my e-mail is angelescerda@yahoo.com.mx Thanks.

47. Дэниел   (01.07.2001 17:01) E-mail
Хи Анна Павлова,

Пожалуйста извините моего плохого Русского. Вы - очень талантливый гимнаст, кто однажды будет большой гимнаст. Гудлук в течение будущего.


46. Tina Gerets   (28.06.2001 16:59) E-mail
Anna, you are a truly great young gymnast.Your gymnastics impressed me a lot at the junior Europeans and at the Charleroi Top-Gym meet. Plus, it was so nice of you and the others to pose for all the photos my friend Michael and I asked for. You have a brilliant future ahead of you. I wish you the best of luck. See you! Love and take care, Tina from Belgium

45. DANIEL   (28.06.2001 07:40) E-mail
Hi Anna,

I haven't actually seen you performing your gymnastics, but from reading your results and looking at your photos, it is clear to me that you are very talented - and will go a long way (all the way to Athens 2004 hopefully). Thanks for endorsing this website, I feel honoured to catch a glimpse of your personal life.

Bye, Daniel

44. Kirsty   (20.06.2001 17:44) E-mail
Hey Anna

I never really knew who you were until I had to do a report on a famous gymnast and when I found you I thought that you were just perfect. I have read so much about you and I really think you can go places, to me a girl of your age having achieved what you have it is just a huge inspiration I wish you all the best especially in Athens 2004 Good Luck. Also I would like to say that you have an excellent Mum who must love you so much to do for you what she has. Well anyway I really do wish you all the best and I know you will make your Country proud.

Much Love Kirsty Heales

43. Megan Foster   (20.06.2001 04:52) E-mail
Anna, you are a fantastic gymnast!! So much from a tiny thirteen year old. Good luck in the future and down the rode in Athens for shure!!!!!! $$$

42. An Vanderstraeten   (06.06.2001 00:14) E-mail
Anna, truly is a great gymnast and an nice, sweet girl.I wish her the best of luck.

41. Harma   (02.06.2001 18:53)
Dear Anna. Good luck this year in all your competitions! You`re great! Keep it up girl!

40. Molly   (16.04.2001 00:11) E-mail
You are an awesome gymnast and I love your website! Good luck in future competitions! If you don't speak English, I am sorry! :) :) :) :) :)

39. zamoandkatyafan   (24.03.2001 16:11) E-mail
Hi Anna. I have signed this guestbook before when the site was only in Russian. Anna is my favorite gymnast. There is a pic of her on my page. I was excited to see her on the cover of my IG magazine when it came this month. I am collecting pics and vids of her! Good Luck Anna!!!

38. Евгения Порфирьева   (23.03.2001 19:37) E-mail
Аня, я тоже занимаюсь гимнастикой. Я из Ярославля. Ты была во Владимире и заняла там первое место в общем зачёте, в вольных упражнениях, на прыжке и на бревне.Ты мне очень нравишься и я беру с тебя пример. Пиши мне. Пока. Женя.

37.   (13.03.2001 14:00)
go Anna Go

36. stevi   (12.03.2001 01:56) E-mail
anna:good luck in coming competitions!!! i know you'll get in the olympics in 2004!! hope to hear from you.

35. Daniel   (22.02.2001 15:12) E-mail
Hi Anna,
Congratulations on all of your success to this date. I'm sure that there is much more to come.

Daniel (from Australia)

PS. This is a great web-site. Well done to whoever maintains it!

34. Magda   (20.02.2001 03:04) E-mail
Dear Anna,
I wish you luck in your coming competitions. I think you have tremendous talent, and I know you can become a great gymnast in the senior ranks. Best Wishes!

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